Four Things To Remember During A Rental Move-Out

Moving out can be an arduous process in itself, and there are specific things you should keep in mind if you are a renter. Protecting your deposit, your neighbors, and your rental unit should all be considered during a move-out. Here are four things you should try to consider when moving out of a rental property.

1. Protecting Walls and Floors

If you have lived in your place without damaging walls and floors up until moving, don't shoot yourself in the foot by causing unnecessary damage while moving out. Put down plastic or cardboard on carpeting, especially if it is raining and movers might track in mud. Try to tape down sharp corners on furnishings and take off table and couch legs if you can.

2. Be Careful Propping Common Doors and Gates

Safety and security need to be made a priority for yourself, your unit, and others in your building. Don't prop open doors and gates for moving companies without access areas being monitored at all times. If you live in a larger building, it can be easy for thieves to slip in unnoticed and gain access to your building. With movers coming and going from your space, don't leave out valuables near the front door that could disappear easily.

3. Be Considerate to Other Tenants

Moving will cause a disruption in your life, but this doesn't mean you have the right to disrupt those around you. Warn your neighbors of an upcoming move, especially if you will be tying up the common elevator or taking up parking in front of your building. If you live in a busy area, try to reserve parking in front of your building in advance so that your moving company doesn't have to double-park and block in neighbors.

4. Don't Clean and Patch Until After a Move-Out

There is no reason to get going on carpet cleaning, patching walls, and repainting before you move out your furniture and household items. While movers will be as careful as possible, there is a chance that walls will get dinged or your flooring will get dirty in the process. It is best to do your final clean in an empty unit. This might require some planning on your part to have a day or two set aside for cleaning and patching after you have moved.

Moving out of a rental unit might require additional safeguards to make sure the process goes smoothly. If you can safeguard your space and property, this will make moving out easier and you won't run into any trouble leaving a rental unit. If you're interested, click here for more information on moving companies.