How You Can Better Organize Your Storage Unit To Make More Space

If you need more space in your storage unit, you may need to reorganize some things. To help you do this in the most efficient manner, you might want to take a few moments to review the following helpful suggestions.

Use Plastic Bins With Lids

The difference between the plastic bins with lids and standard cardboard boxes is that the bins are easier to stack. Cardboard can easily bend and buckle under pressure, which means you might only be able to stack two boxes on top of each other. Also, cardboard absorbs moisture so stacking them too high puts your belongings at risk when the boxes shift and fall to the floor. You can also use different colors of plastic bins in order to organize your stuff according to different categories. This will make it easier for you should you ever have to go in to retrieve something in particular.

Bring In A Metal Shelving Unit

If you bring in a metal shelving unit, you will end up with more storage space. Just make sure that you are installing the shelving unit so that it sits against a wall so that it will not fall over. Since you will not be able to secure the shelving unit to the wall itself, you want to be careful to keep heavy boxes and bags off of the top shelves. The more weight that is on the top shelves, the more likely it is that the entire shelving unit could topple over. Save lighter items for the top shelves. Just make sure that you are only using a metal shelving unit, as it will not warp and break apart like a wood shelving unit can.

Hide Things In Larger Items That You Are Storing

Are you storing things such as ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, dressers, night stands, entertainment centers, or play boxes? Make use of all of the empty space that you come across. For example, by take up space with one or two extra boxes when many items can be taken from those boxes and stored in the drawers of the dressers that are in the storage unit? Not only is this a way to save space, but you will be able to make sure that smaller fragile items are able to be easily kept safe.

With those three simple tips in mind, you can now go organize your storage unit so you are able to make use of the space the best way possible.