Easy To Make Wheeled Pallet Platform For Your Storage Unit

When you're renting a storage unit, you want to maximize how much stuff you can fit into the unit. Unfortunately, if you pack the unit full, you won't easily be able to access the stuff that is in the back of the unit. If you worry that you will need something in the back of the unit but don't want to waste the space keeping a path open to reach it, you can build yourself a cheap wheeled-pallet platform to store items in the center of the unit and easily be able to move them all out of the way when you need to.

To build a wheeled-pallet platform you will need a few things:

  • Wood pallets in good condition
  • 4 Heavy-duty caster wheels
  • Drill with drill and screw bit
  • Screws
  • Ratchet straps or industrial plastic wrap
  • Rope
  • Pencil

Step 1: Install the Caster Wheels

Turn the pallet upside-down so that you have access to the underside of it. Position the caster wheels on each corner and mark where the holes in the mounting plate are on the pallet. Drill holes on each pencil mark. Position the caster wheel over the holes and insert the screws.

Step 2: Tie a Pull Rope

To move the pallet platform easily, you need to tie some rope to the pallet before you load it up with boxes or totes. Position two ropes on what will be the front and what will be the back on each corner. This will give you the grip you need to slowly move the loaded pallet with ease.

Step 3: Load the Pallet Platform

When loading the pallet platform, make sure to load your heaviest items first to maintain a low level of gravity. This way, when you are moving it, it won't fall over because it is top-heavy.

Once the pallet is loaded, wrap the boxes or totes with ratchet straps or industrial shrink wrap. If you are using different sized boxes or totes, the shrink wrap would be your best option as it will keep everything secure on the pallet as you move it back and forth.

Your pallet platform is complete and will save you a lot of grief when you need to reach those items in the back of your storage unit. This is one easy way to maximize the amount of stuff you can store in your secure storage unit without making things difficult.

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