3 Surprise Costs That Can Come Up When Moving

There will be many expenses when you move to a new home. You'll need packing supplies, a truck, and movers to get the job done. In addition, there can be some other surprise costs that you might not have planned for. Make sure you have some money set aside for these 3 things so that you are prepared.

Self Storage

An unforeseen problem that you may have is not realizing your new home is smaller than your last. This could be things like not having a shed and losing a place to store your bikes in the winter, or the basement is finished and now you lost the massive amount of storage you used to have. When this happens, the solution will be to rent a self-storage unit to keep the things that you do not need right away.

Self-storage may also be necessary if you find yourself between homes temporarily. Your current home may sell before the move in date at your new home. This means that you'll have to move your belongings to self storage and then move them back out once you can move into your new place.

Replacing Broken Items

You may have tried to be extra careful when moving all your stuff, but prepare for the possibility of something breaking. While you may be able to do without a lamp or some dishes for a little bit, you will eventually want to replace them.

Moving companies do provide basic insurance, but it is typically based on the weight of the item rather than the value of it. You have the option to buy premium insurance that will cover the full replacement cost of an item if it breaks, which could be another unexpected expense. No matter what, when something breaks, you end up paying for it in one way or another. Small and expensive items, like an HDTV, may set you back quite a bit to replace them too.

Tipping Your Movers

Watching your movers hustle to move all of your belongings may remind you that you should tip them for their hard work. Cash tips are pretty common for moving companies, with a good rule being 5 percent of the bill from the moving company for each worker. If you are using family and friends for help, it could be as easy as treating everyone to a nice meal afterward to show you appreciate their help.

With these 3 things in mind, you'll be prepared for these unexpected costs. If you're looking for a moving company, visit Bekins Van Lines Inc.