Tips For Moving With A Cat

Moving with your cat can be quite stressful for animals, especially if there will be any driving involved to get to your new home. The following tips can help you make moving day less stressful and more safe for your furry friend.

Tip #1: Consult with your vet

You vet may recommend a mild sedative during the move. These can help relieve the stress of a long car trip, but they can also be helpful even for short moves. This is because the strange people in the home and the moving of everything can trigger fear in your cat. A light sedative will allow them to sleep through the bulk of the move, thus avoiding the stress.

Tip #2: Use a kennel or carrier

Even though cats are usually small and easily carried, don't try to cuddle with your pet on moving day. They can squirm free and become lost, especially in a new neighborhood. Instead, make sure they are secured in a carrier before opening the door at your old place. Don't allow them out until you know they are in a secured room where escape isn't possible.

Tip #3: Move last when possible

For a local move, empty out a room before your movers arrive. Leave nothing behind except a litter box, feeding station, pet bed, and your cat's preferred toys. Tape a sign over the door knob alerting that no one is to open the door during the move. A few pieces of masking tape strung across the door from frame to frame is sure to catch the movers' attention as well, which will prevent an accidental door opening. Use masking tape, since it won't damage paint like packing tape can. Also, make sure you inform the movers that there is a cat in the room and you don't want the door opened.

Tip #4: Set up a safe room

In the new home it is also important to have a safe room set up before bringing over the cat. This should also contain food, litter, bedding and toys. You may also want to provide a blanket or other item that has your scent and the scent of the old home on it, since this can help comfort your cat in new surroundings. Once again, make sure the room has signs indicating that it is off limits and that the movers are aware to keep out.

Talk to a household moving service for more help with moving your belongings and your cat safely.