Self-Storage Tips For Organizing Your Business's Holiday Decorations

Decorating your business for the holiday season is a great way to make your space more inviting to customers and clients, but all of those decorations can take up a lot of space after the season is over. A self-storage facility gives you the space you need to store your items until they are ready for the next year. Here are a few tips you can use to organize your holiday decorations so they are ready to use when you need them.

Suspend Garland

You can use heavy-duty wire or PVC pipe to suspend your garland from the ceiling in your self-storage unit. You can use S-hooks to hang the wire or pipe from the ceiling for this organization tip. Once the S-hooks are in place, simply wrap the garland around the wire or pipes. Place a tarp over the garland to protect it from dirt and dust. You can also use this same concept to hang wreaths for storage. You'll need to place the wreaths on the pipe or wire first before suspending it with your S-hooks.

Protect Your Signage

If you use any holiday signage in your building, you'll want to prevent the signs from bending or tearing while in storage. For large signs, place them flat on a shelving unit or table in your storage space. Use pieces of cardboard cut to match the size of the signs to cushion and protect them. Be sure to place an additional piece of cardboard on top of each stack of signs to keep them clean. For smaller signs, find a box that matches the width of the signage. Place the signs on their sides in the box so you can flip through them easily to find what you need. As with the larger signs, place pieces of cardboard between the signs for added protection.

Keep Trees Assembled

Keeping your Christmas trees assembled makes setting them up each year quick and easy. Invest in a large roll of plastic wrap, and simply wrap each tree before placing them in storage. By wrapping the trees securely, you can leave the lights and ornaments in place. When it's time to decorate, you'll need only to remove the trees from your storage unit and place them in your building. The trees can be placed along one wall in your storage unit to keep them organized and out of the way.

Add Shelving Units

Free-standing shelving units offer a convenient way to organize smaller items, boxes of ornaments, and other decorations. Be sure to label any boxes you place on the shelves to make it easier to find the decorations you need. If you decorate your building for holidays throughout the year, consider assigning one shelving unit to each holiday for convenient organization.

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