Need To Move Hours Down The Interstate? What To Know When You Need Movers

Does the thought of having to rent a large moving truck and drive down the interstate make you nervous? If so, it may be best to find a crew of movers that can do the job for you. Being liable for a large vehicle on a busy road, filled with your valuable belongings can be too much stress, especially if you have no experience driving a large truck.

Not all moving trucks are the same, so you want to talk with a couple of different companies to see how they charge, and how they handle travel. Here are a few of the things to ask about.

Full-Service or Pre-Packed

A full-service move means that the moving company packs all of your items for you. They take the clothes out of the dressers, and the dishes out of the cupboards. This would be a full-service move.

If you can pack your own items, and you just need the boxes loaded into the truck, and the furniture moved, this is going to be a more affordable move. Talk with the moving company about the cost for them to break down any furniture that needs to be disassembled.

Get a Quote in Person

You don't want to be surprised by increased rates. Ask the moving company if they can send an estimator over to your property to properly assess the cost of the move if you have concerns about certain furniture pieces. Be sure to show the moving company team member any attic space that needs to be moved, basement boxes, and more.

Interstate Travel

The moving companies may charge by the mile, the amount of time it takes to drive to the new location, or a combination of both. There may be a set base fee for anything over a set amount of miles as well. If there are toll fees this may be included in your quote.

Be sure that the moving company has an insurance plan that protects their employees and the value of your belongings, in case there is an accident or problem during the interstate move. You don't want to be liable for injuries at your property either when the truck is being loaded.

It isn't wise to rent a moving truck on your own and to drive it a long distance in heavy traffic on an interstate if you don't feel comfortable with it, or if you have never driven a large vehicle. Instead, hire movers and reduce chaos during your move today. 

For more info about interstate moving, contact a local company.