3 Surprise Costs That Can Come Up When Moving

There will be many expenses when you move to a new home. You'll need packing supplies, a truck, and movers to get the job done. In addition, there can be some other surprise costs that you might not have planned for. Make sure you have some money set aside for these 3 things so that you are prepared. Self Storage An unforeseen problem that you may have is not realizing your new home is smaller than your last.

3 Moving Tips That Are Eco-Friendly

If you're concerned about the environment, then you are well aware of how much bubble wrap, boxes, and other packing materials are required to move from one home to another. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be this way. Here are 3 tips that will make the move more environmentally friendly. Declutter Your Home Prior To Your Move The biggest mistake you can make when moving is to pack a bunch of stuff that you do not need anymore.

Easy To Make Wheeled Pallet Platform For Your Storage Unit

When you're renting a storage unit, you want to maximize how much stuff you can fit into the unit. Unfortunately, if you pack the unit full, you won't easily be able to access the stuff that is in the back of the unit. If you worry that you will need something in the back of the unit but don't want to waste the space keeping a path open to reach it, you can build yourself a cheap wheeled-pallet platform to store items in the center of the unit and easily be able to move them all out of the way when you need to.

Toddlers And Transitions: How Can Parents Make Moving Hassle-Free?

Moving across town might sound like a simple feat, but this may not be the case when you have young children. Your toddler may be excited or emotional about the big move, but that does not mean things have to be complicated. Use the tips below to simplify the moving process for you and your child. Supplies: Keep What You Need On Hand Before you start packing, make a list of what items your toddler may want and need.

3 Mistakes To Avoid On Moving Day

Moving can be stressful and when you are not properly prepared for it, the situation can be worse. There are many mistakes that you can make that can cause your move to be an overwhelming experience. Here are some mistakes to avoid so that your move can stay on the right path.  Forgetting to Sort Belongings Moving companies charge by the hour and the total weight of your belongings. If you have too many items, you could end up with a larger-than-expected bill for moving.